Not getting credit for an achievement

(Jason King) #1

I completed every achievement, including doing a lap for 14 days in a row, ending yesterday.  Zwift did not unlock the 14 day in a row achievement. 

(Jason K) #2

Hey Jason, I checked your account, and it looks like there’s no activity on the 22nd which would have broken the 14 consecutive days.

If you did a ride on the 22nd, submit a ticket with a screenshot of your ride activity calendar, Zwift dashboard, and the .fit file from that ride so we can investigate.


(Jason King) #3

(Jason King) #4

As you can see from the screen captures above, I rode for 14 straight days from Feb 15 to Feb 28. 

I did submit a ticket with includes the FIT file for the 22nd (Ticket number 25687.)  The 22nd was the only day I rode in the morning in my time zone (PST).  All of the other rides were in the afternoon in my time zone (PST).  It could be an error based on time zone discrepancies (GMT vs PST).  But I did ride every day where I live (the pacific coast of the US.)

(Paul Cupo) #5

I have the same problem at 7 days.  

I love what you guys are doing with Zwift.  Hire more developers!

(John Sadler) #6

Not sure if I need to start another post or if posting here is fine, but i’m having the same issues. I had ridden 16 days in a row (Feb 13th - 28th), but haven’t received the achievement yet after a week of completion. It took me 9 days to get the 7 day achievement so that’s why I went to 16 to be safe. My Strava activities are below and the Zwift site also shows all activities. I don’t really want to make a huge deal of this, but it is the last achievement I need, plus being a somewhat new Dad, my wife was kind enough to work with me to get all these days in a row in, so I’m not sure i’ll be able to talk her into letting me do it again. :slight_smile: Thanks!

(Paul Cupo) #7

Here is my training list too, though I don’t understand why you can’t look this up.

(. TomH..) #8

Hi all, 

In order to get these achievements you need to do at least one lap of any route on Watopia (Figure 8, Hilly roads, Flat roads) in any direction. On Richmond course it has to be at least equivalent distance to Hilly road on Watopia. 

The achievements will unlock following day (not after you’ve just done it) 

However sometimes they do not get unlocked for some strange unknown reasons to us and we are working on it. If it happens to you please click HERE and submit a ticket. We will check our records and unlock the achievement manually. 

Thank you very much and RIDE ON!

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #9

I’m still waiting since the end of January in fact to have my 100 mile achievement unlocked. Raised a ticket and supplied all the files etc, but apparently only one guy can do it and there are tickets dating back to December for the same or similar issue?

(. TomH..) #10

Hi Alan, 

We’re really sorry it’s taking so long, but our team including the person who can unlock achievements is very busy working on the mountain course extension and events module so we can release it as soon as possible. However you are on the top of the list and we can assure you that you will get what you’ve earned. 

Please be patient for now and thank you for your understating.