Not connecting via Bluetooth

I feel that every second update erases Bluetooth capability in Zwift. I can no longer connect to my Saris3 using Bluetooth (can still connect using Ant+). I also can’t connect to my Runn using either my phone (Pixel 6) or my tablet (Lenovo, I can’t remember the specs but previously working perfectly).

I’ve enabled location services, Bluetooth on both devices, and nothing can find the Runn. It connects quickly and easily using the Configurez app, so I know it’s not something with the Runn itself. Additionally, Zwift crashes every time I try to start it on my tablet, at the run/ride selection screen. Things I have tried:

Updating all firmware
Updating Zwift
Restarting everything
Uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling Zwift

I’ve disconnected and closed the Saris and Configurez apps before trying again with Zwift. I can get theRunn to connect to my laptop, but even though it’s connected it shows no speed or cadence registering. These are working when connected to Configurez