Not appearing in start pen when joining a race event

Using the latest Android version - i.e. since the Crit City updates - whenever I join a race event several minutes before the start I don’t spawn in the pens but on the circuit itself, merrily peddaling around on my own.
When the race starts I am instantly transported to the start line and can race as normal. So far this happened on a Crit City race a week or so ago, and today in the 14:15 (UK time) 3R London Classique 5 lap race.

Hi @Tim_Allen1

Would you email us at and attach the log files from today’s London Classique session? This knowledge base article will show you were to locate those logs on your tablet:

Please ask specifically for Shuji, and attach the files (don’t copy & paste inline please). That will help our devs dig deeper into this issue. Thanks.

Hi @shooj - thanks for the quick response, email sent with log file as requested.