Not appearing in race results

(Scott Cunningham [Draft]) #1

Hello Zwift & Co.,

I participated in a Zwift Race on 10/13: but didn’t show up in the race results at the finish or on ZwiftPower.

This result should have put me in 2nd in the event on Zwift and 1st on ZwiftPower since the winner hasn’t “opted in” to ZwiftPower’s terms and conditions yet. Here’s a clip so you can see it from my perspective on what happened:

Hopefully, this can be fixed but at the very least a ticket should be created so others don’t have this issue in the future


Scott Cunnigham

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Dunno if ZwiftPower has a ticketing system. They’re not part of Zwift, but an independent development project.

You could try posting on the ZwiftPower forum:

(Scott Cunningham [Draft]) #3

Thanks for the idea Daren. I did contact WBR, the race organizers, but there wasn’t much they can do from their end. The root of the matter appears to come from Zwift itself since I didn’t show up in the ‘unofficial’ results banner.

It would be nice if someone looked into this so it didn’t happen again during future events, I’d like to assume this is not an isolated occurrence.

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Scott, can you send us a support conversation detailing what happened in this race, and include your log files for the race if possible? We want to see if something strange happened in the backend that caused something to disconnect. Definitely want to thank you for your patience with us!

Link to support conversation: