Not achieving (receiving yellow star) some sections when not pedalling for a few seconds

(Ernie Bredenhann) #1

Hi all, I am brand new to Zwift with my new Wahoo Kickr. I started following a training program in order to do a 160km mtb race soon.

My issue, now and then my butt starts getting numb from sitting all the time, and this far I have not done steep inclines at slow, heavy resistance pedalling that requires me to get out the saddle to pedal.

For example, I need to pedal say at 125W for 10 minutes, and even though it is not hard pedalling, when my backside starts getting numb, and I stop pedalling to stand for a few sections for some blood flow to return LOL, the program tells me to increase power, which I understand.

So, an option is to get out the saddle to pedal, but the resistance is too low and the speed too fast to do a controlled standing ride. It feels like I am rocking all over the place, not enough resistance, legs all over the place, afraid I might break the bike and the axle etc.

Therefor to keep the bike still I rather opt to stand up but stop pedalling for about 10 seconds before I resume. Like you would have done out on the gravel going down a slight downhill just getting out the saddle, freeing and getting the butt in shape again.

And this results in the program telling me that I have not achieved that section, and at the end of the program I might have achieved 11/15 sections for instance. It is probably nothing, and I know it was not a fitness issue, but I rather get 15/15. Any advise?

Follow-on question please. The yellow stars to the left of the section (achieved vs non-achieved sections), does that count towards anything in any case?


(John Binns) #2

Hi Ernie. I think you will be struggling to get much resistance from the bike and trainer at 125W. For most people this would be relatively low so your trainer won’t be providing a great deal of resistance during an ERG workout therefore making it rock etc. when you stand. You could try and stand & peddle on a high wattage interval. You could alternatively pause the workout and stand and peddle and then restart (this won’t affect your star rating).

The star rating doesn’t mean anything really as far as I am aware.

I would look into your bike setup as you should not have to but up with numb backside at all during a ride.

(Ernie Bredenhann) #3

Hi John,

Thank you for the advise, I will try and do as you suggest, learning something new everytime I use it now, tonight will be the 5th time to use it, so new experiences all along. On that note, how do I pause a workout? I have noticed, if you stop pedalling alltogether for a few seconds, then the time/clock stops as well, is that what you mean? And if the star rating does not really mean anything, then I will not be too worried to occasionally get out the saddle.

Must say, riding outdoors mtb I do not suffer from numb butt, but I think it is purely because I get out the saddle a bit more to accomdate bumps etc. on the outdoor paths and trails. Which is not the case indoors, I wil ljsut have to get used to it I suppose.

Thx again…

(Aaron) #4

There is a pause button in the popup menu of tools along with u-turn, camera selection etc. There is also a pause button in the workout screen of the companion app.

(Ernie Bredenhann) #5

Hi Aaron, big favour please, can you perhaps take a pic or screenshot to show where pop-up menu of tools is, I seem to be unable to see this menu. Also please explain more about the companion app, I assume that is on the phone, not the laptop?

Much appreciated, thanks.

(John Binns) #6

Hi Ernie. You can download the zwift companion app for IOS or android from the respective stores and connect via you wifi network on your phone. On the workout screen you will see an option to pause a workout. This means that you are still active in the game but the workout stops. So you could stand for a bit and then restart the workout.

(Aaron) #7

The popup buttons are at the bottom center of the screen. During a workout they look like this. You can skip the current segment, pause, increase and decrease the current resistance or relative ftp bias and more.

Here is a link to Zwift’s user manual regarding workouts:

Edit to add: Depending on which platform you use to run zwift, it can be much more convenient to manage in-game commands with the companion app than with the popup menu.

(..Troy) #8

Hi John,
I paused my workout the other day and I lost the Star for that section.

Not sure if it happens all the time as I’ve only just started using the workouts.

(John Binns) #9

Cheers Troy. Try it again and see how you get on. It could have been another issue. I’ve never had a problem with it but you never know.

(Ernie Bredenhann) #10

Thank you Aaron,
This is very interesting, I do not have the blue blocks (popup buttons) on my screen dring a ride or workout. I will start using a bigger screen (monitor) tonight with my next ride, as I find my laptop a bit too small, but I am very confused now as I certainly did not have popup block below…

(Aaron) #11

Hi Ernie. I don’t use a computer for Zwift so I don’t know for certain, but I think the popup menu will appear for a few seconds if you click anywhere on the screen with your mouse or tap anywhere with a touch screen. I do know that with Android tapping the screen makes the menu pop up briefly.

(Ernie Bredenhann) #12

Hi again,

Checked it out last night, when I click or move the mouse on the laptop during a workout, only the Menu block pops up, but definately not the other blue blocks with Pause functions etc. I have also mailed Zwift Support, but no feedback yet, probably too early to expect a response.

Meanwhile, let me ask the following. So I now have Zwift set-up on my laptop, and I have also downloaded the Companion app on my Iphone. I assume I cannot use the 2 in conjunction, I should either only use the cellphone Companion app to do the ride, or only the laptop, this correct?

Secondly, and why I ask this, I have a larger screen monitor which I connect to the laptop, much better view for the workout. If I am supposed to only use Iphone with Companion app, how do I view it through the monitor screen? thx all.

(..Troy) #13

Hi Ernie,
I don’t know if this will help but,
I use a laptop connected to a TV and have the companion app running
The laptop displays the main Zwift program, whilst the phone runs the
app with the map, chat or ride info etc.

Make sure your phone has the “Zwift Companion” app as I think there is also
a full Zwift app for running Zwift through your phone.

As for your second question, I guess you could enable the companion app
to go to a second large screen, but you’d have to ask someone else for that

Hope that makes sense and is of some help.
Ride On

(Aaron) #14

Hi Ernie. I gave you bad info about using the popup menu on a computer. When using a computer you should hit the “up” arrow to make the popup menu appear. I confirmed this on a pc. I can only assume its the same on a mac.

Regarding your question about the companion app on your phone versus Zwift on your laptop: You should run both at the same time. The companion app on your phone acts like a remote control for the Zwift game running on your laptop. I find the companion app more convenient for in-game commands that trying to use the popup menu in the game. To use the companion app you have make sure your phone is on the same local network as the device running the game.

Here is some more info about the companion app from the Zwift user manual:

(Ernie Bredenhann) #15

Thank you Aaron, will test it tonight again, was riding outside this week-end.