Norseman Black Jersey Unlock

Looking for clarification on the Norseman Black kit unlock. This week’s World of Zwift mentioned that for the unlock, both the 127km 7 Horseman route AND the following day half marathon must be completed. I’ve seen conflicting information on this. Other sources mention it’s either the cycling race or half marathon. Anyone have a definitive answer on what the requirements are to unlock the jersey?

I am pretty sure only the 70+ mile ride is needed. Both the run and ride are needed for the chance to win a slot at the IRL event.

Unlock the kit…

just wondering that did anyone unlock both white and black jerseys after finishing 7 horseman (group A) on 7th Aug.?
I’ve seen the announcement earlier for these-they’re (both white and black jerseys) all yours if you raced on group A on 7th Aug.
Hope to clarify this question!!!