Non stop updating

(Tanner Steinborn) #1

I’m new to Zwift and I just got my first ride in but now it just says it’s updating. The blue bar is all the way across but it still says updating and now I can’t get back in to the game. It has said updating for at least 30 minutes with a full status bar and no changes.

(Rob Flores) #2

Hi Tanner,

Very sorry to hear about your infinite updating issue. It sounds like our updating process is stuck. I’d love to get a little more information from you about this. I have created a support ticket for you (#17815) and we can communicate further there. A quick workaround on this is to close the launcher (Right-click on the Zwift icon in your Windows system tray and select Exit) then relaunch Zwift. I will send you a message through our support system. 

(Doug Monro) #3

Hi there,

I am a new user and have the same problem - running Windows 10 32-bit, having installed version 1.0.19 as a new user, it goes straight into constant updating mode and can’t get past this.  I have tried exit and relaunch, switch off auto-update, uninstalling and reinstalling etc … still occuring.  Seems like there are a few others having the same problem with v. 1.0.19.  Help!

(teresa oliver) #4

same crapping problem…


(Rob Flores) #5

Hi Everyone,

We have identified the issue and will be releasing a fix very soon. If you are experiencing this issue, there is no need to uninstall/reinstall. Try closing ZwiftLauncher and re-opening ZwiftLauncher and it should pick up downloading the update where it left off. I realize this workaround is not ideal but it should be able to download the entire update until we are able to release the fixed version of ZwiftLauncher.

We understand this is frustrating but we thank you guys for your continued patience. Ride on!

(teresa oliver) #6

Still same problem. …wow. dealing with this for 2 days now

(Tanner Steinborn) #7

This only happened to me once very early on in my Zwift experience. I’m not sure it wasn’t my fault. It has never happened again since then. When it did happen the first time I just closed out and when I reopened Zwift on my PC I just let it update without trying to sign in first and it worked fine. Have not had a repeat of this issue since.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Hi Teresa,

Yes, we are aware this is still the same problem :slight_smile: The constant updating bug has been identified and a fix will be coming with our next update. We thank you for your patience.

(Leslie Stoner) #9

More never ending Updating issues…
Not a good first impression.
Can you guys give us a guide as to when the update will be released?
No problems like this with the Bkool software.!

(Pauric Dawson) #10

Have this issue now too , download the software and created an account and been looking at the screen all night with the progress blue bar at its max and it just saying updating on screen. Very bad first impression. 


(Tanner Steinborn) #11

For the record guys, this happened the first time I downloaded the software and I tried to login while the update was happening and it jammed me up. I closed the program on my PC and reopened it. I let it do the update and then I logged in and there was no more problem. Every time since then if there is a required update I let Zwift update first then I log in after and I’ve never had a repeat of that issue. I hope that helps.

(Tim O'Donnell) #12

how long should the ‘updating’ take each time you log in. i am too having the same issues for about 3 -  4 weeks now. every time i log in same updating issue. i have tried this link but still no joy, it may help others. waiting for reply on #(22245) for over a week now. 

Joke of a set up.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #13

Try unplugging your router / modem for 20 seconds to reset it and then plugging it back in.

Never-ending updates is generally your computer experiencing a problem connecting to our distributed servers.

(Tim O'Donnell) #14

Thanks Eric but hasn’t helped. i have tried 4 different routers now and still no joy. it’s beyond a simple router issue. still no response through my ticket number


(Tim O'Donnell) #15

can someone send me the most up to date link for Zwift software download please? maybe the old link i have is causing the issue. 

(David Sjöström) #16

I have the same problem. I downloaded Zwift and I have this never ending update issue as well. Have you made the update and it still doesnt work, or is it an update coming? Running windows 10 on a surface pro.

(Tim O'Donnell) #17

i found that my problem was in fact my anti virus software. it was holding back the update. you need to disable fully the anti virus software. still need to reinstall mine so not sure if it’s a permanent fix yet. keep you updated.


(haimar lopez eguzkiza) #18



I have the same proble,m in my computer.Updating all time!

(Iulian Circo) #19

same thing here - downloaded the launcher, signed up and got stuck on “Updating”. I can’t even submit a ticket - I click submit, then the button greys out but nothing actually happens. 

(Tim O'Donnell) #20

Guys the updating problem for me was sorted by removing anti virus. It wouldn’t work otherwise. I haven’t reinstalled yet though so not sure about knock on affect.