Non-Scheduled Friend Group Workouts

I would be great to do a “Workout With Friends” where one person starts a workout and others can join and do non-scheduled, mini-group workout together. Like a “Ride with Kathy”… only it would be a “Workout with Kathy”.

My wife and I ride side-by-side every day before work and it’s great when we can hit a group workout. Unfortunately, are schedules are such that we must do them on our time schedule. We’d like for one person to select a workout from the current list and the other person ride with them (just like we do now on a free ride) in a 2 or more person group.

I’ve seen similar requests but they’ve all been archived or broken links.

I see a lot of variations on this, how to start it off, etc. Probably doesn’t matter as long as the end result is for 2 or more people to be able to do the same workout at the same time in “group mode”… rubberbanding.