Noise and vibration Wahoo Kickr Snap in Zwift

(Danny Matthews) #21

Hi all

After many emails back and forth to wahoo and FE sports the Australian distributors wahoo agreed to supply a roller assembly free of charge. I’ve fitted the complete roller assembly and I am now enjoying quiet training again. I have kept the old assembly and can see the bearing behind the cover side is excessively worn. The bearing replacement looks straight forward so I’ll be keeping that roller assembly just in case :anguished:


(Kevin Brown) #22


Great to hear all worked out. I thought it was a lost cause as well, but they are really simple devices.


You can e-mail me at I would be happy to walk you through the process. If you are thinking of doing you will want to order the shaft and the bearings. Wahoo is the only place you can get the shaft from, but the bearings can be bought in most bearings sites online.