Noise and vibration Wahoo Kickr Snap in Zwift

(Bruno Gomes) #1

I don’t understand how it works. When I ride in Zwift the noise and vibration increases heavily when I am going faster and using more watts (on the big ring). Is this normal? Is it also normal that when my wife decreases the force on the roler the noice and vibration becomes less (I get a slip out rear wheel on climbs when the force is not high enough). It seems like the sound and vibration is of the  flywheel and the roler itself and the turn knob adjuster roler for the rear wheel.  The tire is almost silent in contact with the roler.

I thought that the Kickr Snap was a silent trainer, but when I am going down hill in Zwift or pushing hard, the Kickr Snap sounds like a jet engine on take off and my wife becomes irritated about the noise. 

I use a Vittoria red indoor tire on my bike and a Wahoo rubber mat. Tire is on 7 bar.

Who can give me some information? 



(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Bruno,

Compare your findings with this video:

The Kickr may not work correctly or might be broken?

(Craig Howard WBR B) #3

Sounds like a defective unit - possibly that the flywheel isn’t true or similar? Total guess though!

I have a Kickr Snap and it’s as near to silent as you can get to be honest - it’s spookily quiet. I can only hear the drivetrain - even when in the big ring pushing on 4-5w/kg.

I’m using 2 full turns of the locking nut from contact. I have zero slip when sprinting at 1000 watts.

(Paul Allen) #4

You should contact Wahoo support on this issue, it sounds like there is an issue with the trainer.

(Bruno Gomes) #5

My 5 year old son made a video. Is this normal noise for a Wahoo Kickr Snap?



(Craig Howard WBR B) #6

Your son did an excellent job!

That is not normal. Firstly you have some tyre slip at the beginning and towards the end. Under sprint loads, that would be slipping like mad and under output power.

the clicking sounds like a harmonic resonance? Eliminate the easy stuff first. i.e. Is the bike clamped in firmly / is the noise coming from the free-wheel hub and not the Kickr? Can you test another wheel to rule it out?

After that, I’d look more closely at the Kickr with a view of asking support. Perhaps even send that clip to them. 

Good luck.

(Bruno Gomes) #7

Hi Craig,

Thanks Craig.

I have got confirmation by the shop that the kickr Snap has a defect. They will pick it up after the weekend and I become a new Kickr Snap. Hopefully this machine will be perfect. 

Thanks and greetings from Holland.




(Craig Howard WBR B) #8

Hi Bruno,

That’s good news. I’m sure all will be well.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #9

Didn’t know you are Dutch. Haha.

Great film from your son. Good news you will get a new Kickr.


(Bruno Gomes) #10

:slight_smile: I am proud of my 5 yearold son. 

(Jeff Lloyd) #11

Bruno im having exact issue! Did you get it replaced?

(Bruno Gomes) #12

Yes, I got my Wahoo replaced by the shop. I made a video that convinced them there was something wrong with the Wahoo. Good luck.

(Jeff Lloyd) #13

Thanks for the quick response Bruno! I am going to bring it to the shop today, mine makes exact sound! I will also show them the thread and video!

(Jeff Lloyd) #14

Here is my Snap…

(George Hsu) #15

Mine started doing the same thing tonight :frowning:

Guess I’m taking mine back for an exchange. Awww…

(Jeff Lloyd) #16

George, I just got mine back from the shop. The mechanic told me he spoke with wahoo and they were aware of the problem, he was able to fix it! The problem was, inside there was a loose wire that was rubbing against the flywheel. With some zip ties he was able to secure the wire and took care of the problem. I rode for an hour tonight nice and quiet

(Kevin Brown) #17

I had the same problem and was out of warranty period. I couldn’t ride the trainer for more than 30 minutes without feeling all Clockworked Orange! I got to the point where I was planning on buying a new unit, so I took my old one apart as a last ditch effort and found that the axle was pitted under the bearing housing. I sanded the pitted area on the axle with wet sandpaper, cleaned and lubed and put it back together. No noise!! I contacted Wahoo for a new axle, they’re mailing it for $23. Found the 2 bearings online for $7 shipped from Amazon(although Wahoo had them for sale as well for $10). I should have the set-up rebuilt with new components by the end of the week.

(Danny Matthews) #18

Hi Kevin.

How did u get on with replacing the bearings. My snap is doing the same thing and wahoo have said it’s the bearings. It’s 18 months old so they want to charge me $165 for a new roller assembly as in Oz they can not change the bearings. This is my only option from wahoo but I don’t really feel I should be paying that out on a $1000 trainer. I’m thinking of a repair myself. How hard was it to do?

(Kevin Brown) #19


All went well. After I replaced the bearings and shaft, my snap has been working perfectly. I would be happy to help you walk through the steps. It may be easier to chat about it. Are you on viber or Skype?

(Jim Vincent) #20


if you don’t mind I would like you to contact me privately and walk me thru the repair.