Nocebo and placebo effects. Can we toggle power/time on/off

Hi, nocebo or placebo? Having a bad day? It would be so nice to be able to toggle power(watts) and time elapsed on/off on the screen/dashboard. This would be useful for mentally strength yourself. Workout without see power output or time can be very helpful. Is this feature something you have on the roadmap?

What do you all think :slight_smile:

if you use windows you could put it in windowed mode and resize the window so the top is out of sight

Maybe it will be in a future upgrade to the UI.
Post-It! on the screen solves that problem.

With the minimal UI hack, all you get on screen is the box with the list of the blocks in the workout. I’m afraid it still shows time remaining (and of course you also get the arch showing where the current block ends) but at least current power is gone. Actually I think it looks a lot better than the standard UI, I think I’ll switch to it for workout mode from now on.