No Zwift Update 1.0.31423 for iOS?


When this update be released for iOS ?

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There’s still no option to turn off the music in the title (like on the screenshot below, where it clearly has been added as an option!), when will this be released for the iOS platform?

iOS requires validation from Apple before it can be pushed through whereas we can release on PC/Mac whenever we want. If there is a discrepancy between the two, rest assured that there will be parity shortly.


@EricC thanks for the info, could someone please post to this thread when Apple has accepted the new version into it’s App store?

Sure this has been submitted to Apple? The update for IOS happened. But several days in and no update for Apple TV?

@EricC I was wondering the same as @Mitch_Godfrey. Here you can see the average release time:

But @EricC is there any news on the Apple Tv 4k remote issue fix ???
A really really needed fix!

Still no iOS update!

From the screenshot … can you also play around with the resolution of the game with this update? I saw some PC screenshot where you could push the resolution limit up to 1440p, will that also be true for the Apple Tv 4k?
There’s no current “Game Resolution” available at my iOS version at the moment at least …

@EricC when will the iOS version be released? It’s been 10 days since you announced this version, have Apple still not accepted it? You can see it’s still version 1.0.31304 (not 1.0.31423!), from 29. of October 2018

I have this latest version, 1.0.31304 (not 1.0.31423!), installed on my Apple Tv 4k, I still can’t turn off the title-music ?!

And as you can see, the title-music still CANNOT be turned off:

Hey Eiki, the current iOS version is the latest version and came in the same game update cycle as Mac and PC’s 1.0.31423. We do have another update in the works but I don’t have an exact date for that upload yet.

Thank you @Vincent !

Will that version include the same “no title-music” as the PC version already has? And the fix for the selected-items in lists inside Zwift on Apple Tv 4k which you’ve confirmed as a bug?
It’s really confusing that you’re talking about this update and @EricC could have let us know that there’s no pending update at Apple with this fix, if you read above.

@Vincent Is this simply a wrong statement at the Apple store for the current version which is in the store and is at 1.0.31304? I would really like to turn off this music but in the iOS app it’s simply not possible although it says so in the App Store description:

  • Added music toggle to title screen