No Workouts again after Tuesday

Unless I’m missing something I thought we had until the end of the month to complete the workouts. I still need workout #7 and #8. #6 goes through Tuesday and then I don’t see any more workouts. Am I missing something or is this an error? Looks like this may not be the first week this has happened. Thanks for the help Zwift!

Hi @Bob_Ano,

You can go to workouts and find the Zwift academy workouts there. you don’t have to do them as a group workout.


That’s good news! Thanks for the help. Do you happen to know if the solo workouts will count towards the Academy goal or do they only count if they are as a group ride? Aka, towards getting the socks, cap and jersey etc.?

O yes 100% they do count, I did all my workouts solo and got credit and
all the goodies.

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Awesome! Thanks again.

They seem to be adding more every couple of days, just keep checking back.