No way to turn off ambient sounds while on main menu screen

There is an option to turn off title music, but even with that off we have to listen to loud bird chirping noises while on the main menu. Please change the options so these sounds can be turned off when on the main menu (but left on in the game)!

For that matter, I don’t understand why the menu uses the 3D engine at all… it just pegs my GPU, generating fan noise and wasting power for nothing more than the almost imperceptibly moving blurred background (and these annoying birds). I also assume loading this engine is a big part of the reason it takes so long to load the app. Why can’t this engine loading e deferred until a ride is selected or loaded in the background while sitting at the menu?

There should be 2 volume sliders, one for 3D world sounds and one for game sounds, Turn down the 3D world volume to kill the birds.

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Thanks, I am aware of all these settings but I don’t want to turn off the sounds altogether, just on the main menu. I want to be able to load the game this far while doing other things to get ready for my ride, but not have to listen to birds chirping as long as it is sitting on this screen.

I have edited my request to be more clear what I meant by “on menu” in case you thought I meant in the settings.

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Can you not just mute your pc and then in mute it when the game loads?

Should just be one key to press on your keyboard


I can do that, but I can’t “just” do that. First of all, it has to be done twice (to mute before the menus, and to unmute when the game starts). Second, when the menus and rides are loading (when one might want to interact with the PC to mute it), the PC tends to go unresponsive for many seconds. Third, it is difficult to remember to do these things every time (twice). Fourth, my setup doesn’t allow easily just pressing a function key (convertible laptop with the keyboard folded back; bluetooth keyboard with no volume control). And as I said, I don’t want to be standing over my device tweaking volume before my ride, I want to be getting ready for my ride away from my device.

Again, I am requesting Zwift add a settings option to disable game sounds on the menu, as they already have for the music (hence why I posted in “Feature Requests”). Zwift, please acknowledge!

Not trying to be hostile, just frustrated that Zwift offers the forums for bug reports and feature requests but doesn’t acknowledge the posts and leaves it up to peer users to do their support for them. Plus I keep coming here to report minor, easily fixable issues, and find that they have been reported literally years ago with no fix in sight.