No Update Today? (12/3) Sad Face

I was hoping to see a What’s New post with an update today but I am sad not to see one :frowning:

Too much turkey and tryptophan has pushed out any update until next Thursday?

I don’t believe the updates were weekly to begin with. Although of course the excitement is high with the promise of fun changes in December, hehe.

someone from Zwift HQ did say they try to update each Thursday. Can’t wait to get my hands on that workout builder…

ooh! maybe we will get an update :slight_smile:


another Thursday and no new What’s New post about an update…

It is currently just 5:22 AM in Long Beach. So we may still be seeing something thrown out later on during the day.

True, @Stef, but I’m not holding my breathe waiting for it this time :wink:

C’mon Zwift! Daddy needs a new custom workout builder and Watopia expansion!