No time recorded for "The Mall" segment on 7th May

There is no time recorded for “The Mall” segment on any event, so no z-points acquired…not only for me, but for many others who raced on events in London, except only from " AHDR Full Aussie Brekkie Roll" event.

Hi George,

Apologies for the delay coming back to you.

We are seeing Zpoints efforts on that segment on May 7th in other events too.

As James has already mentioned there were other events that day (7th May ?) which show Mall Sprint times and they do go into ZPoints. However it looks like they were very small group rides and Possibly not putting in fast enough sprint times to show if you were searching by month, as they only show fastest 2000 times. If you search The Mall Sprint by week you will see they are there.

I looked into ZPoints back in February and believe these are the segments which don’t get fed into the ZPoints calculation. They do however record the fastest times.

Back in February James confirmed that not all segments feed into ZPoints calculations.

Fuego flats long
Fuego flats short
Volcano circuit forward
Volcano circuit reverse
Watopia sprint forward
Watopia sprint reverse

Reverse street 23
Reverse sprint
Reverse sprint 2
Richmond 23rd Street
Richmond Sprint
Richmond sprint reverse

The Mall sprint reverse

Innsbruck sprint forward
Innsbruck sprint reverse

Central Park reverse
NY Sprint
Ny sprint 2

Yorkshire sprint forward
Yorkshire sprint reverse
Yorkshire UCI lap forward
Yorkshire UCI lap reverse

Aqueduct KOM
Ballon sprint
Ballon sprint reverse
Marina sprint
Marina sprint reverse
Pave sprint
Pave sprint reverse

All four of the Paris segments

All four of the Crit City segments

It’s probably worth bearing in mind that the “Mall Sprint” segment is actually what most of us would consider the reverse one.