No Time for Box Hill KOM while in Meetup

GP Lama was riding in a meetup the other day while streaming. He completed the entirety of Box Hill and did not receive a time. Later that day, I did a meetup and also did not receive a time for that segment.

When I rode, I got times for Leith Hill and the Sprint, but not for Box. I did not use the “Keep everyone together” on my Meetup and was on PC. I’m not sure if this is only a problem when doing a Meetup or always an issue.

Lama’s Stream: (1:12:02)

Log file for Box Hill:
Log File for Sprint:

Did you go through the starting line at the bottom of the hill, or did you come through Richmond Park and turn left up Box Hill?

It sounds like you might have done London’s Triple Loops, which turns onto Box Hill from Richmond Park, bypassing the starting line for the Box Hill KOM.

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Thanks for pointing this out! It’s still a bit weird that on some routes that go up the hill you don’t get a time because of where the start is placed.