"no TdF spoilers please"

Guys, please, I think it’s a bit unreasonable to expect that thousands of participants of the biggest virtual cycling platform in the world will refrain from discussing the biggest event of the sports they are so passionate about, just because you want to decide for yourself when to catch up on the race. This constant “no spoilers please” is getting a bit old, year after year.

What I would suggest, if you don’t want ‘spoilers’, is to turn off the chat before you join, because - and please don’t take this the wrong way - telling others what they can and can’t discuss in the chat might be a bit egocentric.

Or better yet, as many of us have done, set up a screen near your Zwift set-up so you can follow the race while riding yourself, and discuss it with your fellow Zwifters that share your passion for cycling!


people generally don’t like it because of time zone differences. by the way, i don’t want to spoil what’s going to happen in about 3 hours but geraint thomas is going to fall off his bike and his gross looking oakleys from 1995 are going to get smashed into pieces by the lotto soudal team car


Does that even class as a spoiler any more?

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Now that all excitement is probably already gone after the cobble stage (spoiler alert), we can focus on what really matters: will Adam Yates by the end of this TdF finally have been able to find a helmet his size, so that he no longer looks like a cycling mushroom?

To be fair, the same could also be said of Simon …