No (smart) trainer resistance control - biggest hindrance

(Shawn DeBoer) #1

I have a Cycleops Powerbeam Pro (ANT+ power) and my biggest frustration is the lack of resistance control. I’m certainly no real cyclist but I seem to be able to spin out in 53-11 gear anywhere on the island with a moderate effort and get maxed out @ 4w/kg. I see other riders exceeding 8w/kg all the way up to 12-13w/kg on hard efforts. Super-human to be sure but I’ll bet they’re not riding Cycleops Powerbeam Pro units.

(Brandon Andres) #2

Shawn - I agree and I have actually submitted a support ticket to this note. It really allows for a much greater advantage for anyone who is not relying on the electronic resistance of the Cycleops Powerbeam Pro. One thought that initially came to mind is if they were to provide a .gpx output file for the course, this could be uploaded as a workout in the CycleOps Virtual Trainer application which would communicate with the trainer to mimic the gradient and adjust the resistance accordingly as riding in Zwift. I’m not sure how easy this is to accomplish but that is a general thought if the electronic resistance communication element is too far down the road for Zwift. I would love to hear more from the developers on this as well.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Shawn and Brandon,

We do not yet have resistance control for the CycleOps Powerbeam Pro. This is coming soon, but we don’t really have a timeline for it yet. Right now, the only two trainers that having resistance control is the Computrainer and the Wahoo KICKR.

(David Kindler) #4

i have a Tacx power trainer which is also unsupported. I just put the tacx in a free cycling mode and dial down the wattage to a reasonable level… then I have to work hard to ride with a group doing 2.4 w/kg or so, which seems about right for me… my power output over time gets my HR at about the proper level acheived when i do structured class workouts on a computrainer. so you might play around with manul setting to find what works best for you…

(LOCO Monkey) #5

Eric C. 

“Right now, the only two trainers that having resistance control is the Computrainer and the Wahoo KICKR.”

Then you guys really should update your website to reflect this. Right now, your information is very misleading… basically listing all SMART trainers as having resistance control. I bought a Kinetic SMART trainer based on the information provided on your site. If ONLY 2 trainers have resistance control, ZWIFT needs to state this upfront. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Hi LOCO Monkey,

This post is now exactly one year old (January 5th of 2015). At the time, this was correct.

If you look at our Knowledge Base article, you can see which trainers we support that change resistance:

But, to cut to the chase, here is everything we support that changes resistance

  • Wahoo KICKR
  • Wahoo KICKR SNAP
  • Racermate Computrainer
  • CycleOps Powerbeam Pro
  • CycleOps PowerSync
  • CycleOps Phantom 3
  • Tacx Bushido Smart ANT+ T2780 (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Tacx Vortex Smart ANT+ T2180 (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Smart T2010
  • Tacx Genius Smart T2080
  • Tacx IRONMAN® Smart T2060
  • Tacx Flow Smart T2240
  • Tacx Smart Neo
  • BKOOL (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+