No SiS (Science in Sport) Kit (Dress) after finished Group RiDE


Didn’t get the SiS-Kit after completing the SiS Group RiDE around the ESports WC route for 60 min. Did receive the confirmation mail but no kit in the closet… Yes, I have checked multiple times and been reading EVERY square of shirt so I didn’t miss it anywhere…

I saw only one who had the SiS-kit (with a yellow left shoulder/armsleeve, I think) during the RiDE but I ahve never seen it since out there… anyone else having this problem or did you all get the SiS-kit after finishing the RiDE? I even did the RiDE the RiDE two times because I though I had to make one lap complete under the hour but it didn’t do anything different… No Kit!

Thanks and Merry X-mas and Santa Lucia to you all…

/Hans Bergsten [SZ]

Same here, no kit and not even any information regarding the “win big”