No signal after pairing with my note PC or IPAD, etc


(Yi-Sub) #1

I tried to several times to connect with my device.
I have a note PC which is LG 14" gram in 2017, ipad air and also samsung note 8.
I couldn’t succeed to ride on zwift with any device.

I didn’t have a ANT+ dongle, so I tried to connect with Bluetooth protocol between my trainer and my electric device. But it can be connect with each other but right then it just lose the signal.

This is the diagram how I connect to each other.

  1. elite qubo digital B+ ---- LG gram(zwift app, direct BT)
  2. elite qubo digital B+ ---- samsung note 8(zwift app, direct BT)
  3. elite qubo digital B+ ---- ipad air(zwift app, direct BT)
  4. elite qubo digital B+ ---- ipad air(companian app, direct BT) === LG gram(zwift app, wifi)

Actually I couldn’t try method 4 because the option “using a companion app” on PC zwift app is inactive.

I have no problem to use a elite app and rouvy app with any devices through the Bluetooth.

What should I do to ride zwift ? Is there anyone who knows about it? Thank you for any help you can provide. I will be grateful for any help.

(Steven) #2

Hi Yi-Sub,

My first thought would be that you’d need to check out this article on pairing an Elite Smart Trainer to Zwift, which will help ensure that your setup matches our standards.

If you’re getting a consistent “No Signal” on the Bluetooth (BLE) connections despite having tried multiple device platforms, I recommend that you first review this article, which may help you to eliminate any potential interference sources.

It’s super important to close any and all third-party apps (including any other training apps… e.g.MyEtraining, and Rouvy) to ensure that there aren’t any other devices/apps competing with Zwift for control of your trainer or BT device(s).

If you need further help, I recommend that you also please submit a support ticket and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.