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Despite Zwift being around for a long time, it seems to have a very basic error. Sometimes it notifies you that you have completed the route at the distance advertised for the route, but most of the time it does nothing ie no notification despite riding well beyond route distance. This is frustrating and is putting me off Zwift as it is such a basic.

Hi Gary—Unless there is a system glitch, you should consistently be getting the route achievement banner / badge. Make sure you keep these things in mind:

  • you only get the achievement banner the first time you do a route (i.e. if you’re re-riding an already completed route, you definitely won’t see a banner)
  • route descriptions say that a route is X long, but in game every route has a lead-in before you officially start the route segment, so to get the achievement banner you have to ride (lead-in distance + X); it’s usually not very far, but keep riding until you see the achievement banner (typically right after you’ve gone under an arch). Note that when looking at the map preview (on the route selection page), as the system traces out the route for you, the blue line indicates the lead-in segment; the route proper is white.
  • you must choose the route from the menu (i.e. you can’t manually navigate your way around; this also means that you can’t complete additional routes during one ride by continuing after having completed your initially chosen route; you have to save / exit / re-enter / select a new route). Possibly for routes that have otherwise identical forward and reverse versions, you can u-turn after finishing the one and immediately complete the other, but I’m not absolutely certain; someone will clarify no doubt. Then…
  • do not manually turn using the pop up turn option / arrow keys during a route—otherwise, you’ve officially cancelled your route (even if you were simply to rejoin the exact route after having done something extra, like the radio tower climb at the top of the Epic KOM)
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Ah, I see that you rode Sand and Sequoias a few times recently. The route description for this one says 20.2km, but with a 2.4km lead-in, you have to ride 22.6km to get to the finish. The first time (Jul 27) you rode it, you stopped at 21.5km (longer than the route description, but just not quite far enough to get to the end). Jul 28, you rode it again, this time going 22.8km (and getting the achievement banner!). Aug 1, you again rode far enough–but you didn’t get the banner (and shouldn’t expect to, since you had already completed it on the 28th). Zwift Insider (q.v.) has a good Complete Master List of routes, which tells you distance and lead-in distance for each. It’s worth checking out, especially if you want to avoid frustration/confusion with “How far do I really have to ride?” Lutscher in Innsbruck is a real treat :grimacing:

Hope this helps–happy riding!

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Thank you

Why the lead in? That seems nuts and arbitrary?

By route achievement do you mean the ‘course complete’ notice. It’s this notification that I’m missing? Naturally, I expect it to coincide with the route advertised distance.

The lead-in. Maybe somewhere the reasoning is made explicit, but I haven’t seen it. My guess is as follows: route finishes are invariably (?) at arches (which also tend to be segment ends—i.e. sprint finish lines, kom finish lines, etc). You’ve maybe noticed that when you are first spawned into a ride (at the start of the lead-in), there are many other Zwifters sitting there as well, who’ve just been spawned into a ride. It’s better to have that mob of newly spawned riders conglomerated at the start of a (typically) short lead-in than immediately surrounding the official route start / sprint-kom-etc finish line.

Yes, the course complete notice. Yes, totally natural to expect that it would correspond to the advertised distance—in reality it’s the lead-in plus the advertised distance, since you don’t “finish” a route until you go under the appropriate finishing arch (which never moves).

One of the most frequently requested UI updates is that we would see a “distance remaining to end of route” indication while actively riding routes. I’d love it, and they already do it for races/group rides, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Star Xavier. Thank you for your insight. Much appreciated. I’ll look forward to that distance countdown feature. I think that should take them 5 minutes to develop and release :crossed_fingers:

Don’t hold your breath. :nauseated_face:

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