no roads to ride ...

(David Stephens) #1

I’ve been trying to log in for over half an hour and keep getting the same message … no roads to ride … try later!!!

I’m paying for a service, if you cannot fulfill how can I get a refund?


(Paul Allen) #2


Jason K.
Today at 12:47


We’re currently having some login issues where some users are either unable to log in with a “No Roads to Ride” message or seeing a very slow login process where the avatars aren’t loading properly or the riders nearby list isn’t loading.

Our server team is investigating, and we appreciate your understanding as we get this sorted out.

(Jason K) #3

We’re very frustrated with these outages as well, since we’re always striving for 100% uptime. We’re working to get it fixed now.

As for refund requests, we handle these on a case-by-case basis, so I’ve made a support ticket for you from this tread where we can discuss the situation further.

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