No road grade resistance simulation in workout mode

Just start using the new Tacx Neo 2 smart trainer.
It works really well in simulation mode on a free ride, but not in workout mode.

When I select a workout, I do not feel the grade road resistance simulated but rather the resistance is always the same. I do not select ERG mode, so it should be in simulation mode, allowing me to feel the grade simulation and doing the workout at same time.

once the workout ends, then it works fine, and i start to feel the grade simulation.

Anyone else experience the same problem?

I think what you are experiencing is correct by design. When in workout mode you can choose either ERG mode or grade mode. It sounds like you understand ERG mode. Grade mode does not simulate the grade of the road you are on, but the resistance associated with a grade you select with toggle buttons to increase or decrease the simulated grade. Grade mode is more similar to using a classic trainer in that you set the grade resistance and it holds that resistance regardless of the workout interval, and independent of the environment in-game. You have to increase speed to increase wattage while in grade mode similar to how you would on a classic trainer, as opposed to ERG mode where the trainer varies the resistance to hold a set wattage.

Yeah, seems to be the intended design… got word from Zwift support that in workout mode, you either do it in ERG mode, or you have a ‘flat road’… I wish they’d allow an option to select ‘virtual road’ during a workout so you could do the workout and feel the grade resistance at same time