No riders on course?

I can ride but all alone. Hello? Anybody there?

Sounds like a connection issue with your internet.

Internet working fine for every other app. Only shows half my ride on my dashboard now. Is there a way to manually upload the ride (the mac app clearly recorded the whole thing)?

I have heard complaints of VPNs resulting in an empty course, but a truncated ride generally indicates a connection issue. Try feeding your log file to


You can manually upload to strava but not zwift

I had this happen. It is an internet dropout. If the file is usable, it won’t be the whole ride. Download the file from, then upload the file to Strava. My file ended when the dropout occurred, kalf way up to the volcano finish line.
It seems like a rare occurrence.

Sure, you can upload to Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks, and probably any other services that store workout data, with the notable exception of Zwift.

Thanks everyone. Anyone else think its kind of lame that you can upload the data file to pretty much every platform but the one that generated it (Zwift)?

Indeed. Vote for this if you like (but it won’t do any good):