no resistance feedback on Elite Direto

(Tom Jeffs) #41

Thanks Mikkel, that’s the conclusion I’m coming to.  If that’s the case, it’s very disappointing that neither Elite nor Zwift mention this in their sales info.

I think I’ll buy a cheap one from Amazon and let you know.

(Tom Jeffs) #42

Last update, I got an Ant+ dongle from Amazon, this one:

Plugged it into the pc, whizzed the pedals around, Zwift saw it instantly.  It actually presented me with a list of a few options, I just chose the most obvious one (I can’t recall the exact name).  So I did that for controllable, then the same for power source, and Zwift also recognised an old Ant+ cadence sensor I’d also installed.  Went for a “ride” and everything worked perfectly.

tl;dr - bluetooth doesn’t work on a pc.  You need an ant+ dongle.

(Clive Weir) #43

Thanks  Baldo Mero , this was driving me nuts until i found your comment. Setting the wheel circumference back to AUTO fixed the resistance drops in Zwift for me.

Do you know if Elite are aware of this issue?

(Baldo Mero) #44

The issue is definitively not mainstream. I don’t know if technical support people know the issue but I have not learned it from them. At some point I posted it here and in Elite Direto’s facebook group as a suggestion to issues reported by users, and it has been indeed useful in some cases. I am afraid that there are many different instances resulting in similar symptoms so for me the differential diagnosis is when “it worked perfectly till now” and “I own a garmin/wahoo head unit and have configured wheel size” are involved.  

(Clive Weir) #45

Understood… for me Zwift also worked fine in the past and recently i tweaked the wheel circumference - next time i tried Zwift (weeks later) I had annoying resistance drops every ~3 mins lasting 10 seconds. It was driving me crazy until I found your post here and setting the wheel circumference back to AUTO on the Wahoo head unit resolved the problem - despite me not using the head unit with Zwift? As you mentioned it must change a setting on the trainer itself.

I have reported this on the Elite forums as it will undoubtedly catch others out also: