no resistance feedback on Elite Direto

(Paul Robertson #21

Hi Beth. It’s not a zwift issue it’s the trainer. I’ve found the issu maybe interference from other Bluetooth devices. You can try turning other devices off when you setup initially.


(Rey del Valle) #22

Beth- I was able to get the resistance working by running the dongle on a USB extension cord next to the trainer


(Baldo Mero) #23

It seems that this thread applies to different issues and most of them can be troubleshooted to proper pairing and connection between trainer and device running zwift. There is, however, a rare issue that I just suffered and has driven me crazy for two days. I had a perfectly functional direto for 2 months and all of a sudden the resistance during ERG programs started to drop to very low values or to change erratically while the step motor buzzed more than usual. The trainer was neither able to hold resistance in free ride mode. Sometimes after resetting and re-pairing the trainer seemed to work for some time, but at some point into the training the resistance dropped off again. This happened both with a laptop & ANT+ usb stick and with an appleTV. After troubleshooting all the device and connection variables, I have discovered that this is a weird issue that applies to users of Garmin or Wahoo head units who have configured the ANT+ FE-C trainer manually for wheel size 173 (as direto recommends to get accurate speed in these head units). For some reason this adjustment changes something in the trainer that persists when the head unit is not connected, and seems to cause the problem. If you experiment some of the above and have messed with the configuration of the FE-C trainer sensor using a third-part head unit:

  • Pair direto and garmin/Bolt head unit as FE-C controllable trainer (with Zwift and other controlling devices off).

  • Under details menu for this sensor, if it is set manuallly as 173, change the value to the standard (e.g., 2070) and then change it again to “auto”.

  • reset the direto and turn off the head unit (I tested the trainer for a couple of minutes adjusting the resistance with the garmin but this is probably not necessary).

  • Open zwift in your device and pair the trainer and sensors. The feedback is back to normal.

  • In Garmin head units, the wheel size value of 173 needed to get accurate speed can be set for the Elite speed/cadence sensor, but not for the Elite controllable trainer (FE-C) or you will reproduce this problem. Anyway, this sensor should be deactivated when using zwift to control the trainer and the head unit to monitor/record the training simultaneously.  


(Elliot Dudley) #24

I’m having the same issue. No resistance feedback. Tried all suggestions above. I’m connecting a MacBook Pro via ant. Was working fine before Christmas and now no matter how many times I switch off and reset the resistance stays the same. This must be a common issue and surely there’s a reason and a fix??!!


(Baldo Mero) #25

Do you have a wahoo or garmin cycling computer? Have you connected it to the direto via ant+ fe-c? 


(M aulwurf) #26

Okay, this was driving me crazy. Everything was working fine, until a couple of days ago. Then suddenly freeriding started to act weird. The resistance was not adapting properly and it was impossible to achieve power higher than 100 Watts.

Meanwhile workout mode was working fine(-ish. Sometimes there was some weird behaviour too, when changing resistance).

I have a Bolt head unit and previously changed the wheel circumference to 173. I will try your suggestions and report back if it helped.


(. Taylor Zwift) #27

I have a new direto and find that when climbing ghe resistance drops suddenly every 3 or 4 seconds. Really frustrating because sometimes it leaves you spinning out on a 10% hill and then you grind to a halt. Resitance then back for a few seconds bit drops off again.

I have tried messing with the wheel size but no joy. Will try again tonight, will also get a usb extension for the ant+ dongle.


(Jamie MacGregor (YYC) ) #28

Baldo Mero , Regarding the head unit issue screwing things up. Thanks so much for this.

I’ve been pulling my hair out since the weekend trying to figure out what happened to my Direto. Elite customer support so far has not been satisfactory (possibly a language barrier not helping things). My Direto started acting up and I have not been able to figure out why…

  • will not hold set power when out of the saddle (it just drops off completely and then recovers when I sit down)

  • will not do sim mode

  • power reading seems off compared to my powermeter (was always very close), now out by 10%.


Your post just reminded me that I had recently changed the wheel circumference to 173 on my Elemnt Bolt Head unit so it displays the corrected speed (eg. 20 km/h vs 200 km/h). I will have to try and revert this tonight as you describe.

So the path forward here is you simply cannot use a circumference of 173, and have to live with the fact that the speed on my head unit will always be wrong? (not the end of the world as I don’t use it to record the ride data).

Again, thanks for this - will report back if this fixes things!


(Baldo Mero) #29

Hi Jamie, sincerely hope that this is your issue and you get it fixed. Please report. As for the definitive fix of this issue, I am not familiar with the Bolt settings. I own a Garmin, and in these you can configure separately the ANT+ Speed/cadence sensor and the ANT+ FE-C sensor. While the former does not affect the trainer behaviour (and allows to get the correct speed at the head unit), the later is the one that messes things up. If wahoo units allow separate configuration of these sensors, then leave the FE-C alone and happy panda. If not, I am afraid that you would have to live with it until Wahoo or Elite released a fix (not sure who would be responsible for that, but probably Elite since Garmin head units are also affected). I would wait for it seated, though.


(James Dias) #30

I ended up sending back the Elite Direto trainer for credit and will be looking into a company this time that offers better tech support.

I appreciate all your help with possible solutions to get Zwift to work with Elite but I didn’t want to be holding on to this trainer if the company wasn’t delivering support.

Has anyone here have any input on Tacx Neo? Its another brand I’m looking into.  

 Again thank you!


(M aulwurf) #31

Changing wheel circumference back to 2096 fixed the issue for me. Thanks for the help Baldo!

Another thing I discovered during this whole mess is that changing power smoothing to 5 in the Elite app makes the power changes in Zwift much more smooth and less jerky. So in the end it all had at least one positive side effect.


(German Sember ODZ c) #32


I have been reading all these comments/reviews/issues posted before installing the elite direto, which I will be receiving next week. 

From  Baldo Mero  explanation, my understanding is that it would be advisable not to pair the smart trainer sensor, but only the speed and cadence sensor of the direto, which can be established separately in the garmin (I own the 520) and should only modify the wheel circumference value for these two sensors without touching the smart trainer related sensor?

If somebody can confirm, I will then follow these steps as the initial set up.





(Baldo Mero) #33

Hi German,

In my experience it is really not a problem to pair the garmin with the direto’s smart trainer sensor as long as you do not change the wheel size for this sensor. In addition, When you are using trainer control from other device (e.g., zwift or TR) this sensor would be better off in the garmin. 

As for the direto’s speed and cadence sensors, only the speed is configurable and you should input 173mm as wheel diameter to get meaningful speed&distance values (which will not coincide with Zwift’s anyway).

Anyway, in your list of initial setup checks, you should first connect and verify the configuration with Elite’s myEtraining app, perform a calibration, and you are good to go. 


(German Sember ODZ c) #34

Thanks Baldo,

sure I will follow the user guide and then your advice on how to setup the head unit. 




(Mik Mrd) #35

Had the Direto for 4months now, one time not getting resistance feedback but restart everything andf unplugg/plugg Ant+ in PC solved it.

Here you can see how I set things up:



(Elliot Dudley) #36

It wasn’t a wheel circumference issue for me as never use my wahoo head unit. Rather I connect direct from trainer to laptop via ANT. All is working now for me but the wheel circumference fix is listed in the direto manual so no surprise that was causing issues! Agree the elite app is crap, not much help at all. But all is well for me now so will be sticking with the Direto.


(Tom Jeffs) #37

Hello guys.  I’m a newbie to Zwift.  I bought an Elite Direto and have connected it thusly:

Trainer > Google Pixel XL (via bluetooth) > Windows 10 desktop PC (think its connecting over the internet but I’m not certain)


All appears well, except there’s no resistance.  I’m not using ANT+, do I need to use that protocol?  The Pixel doesn’t have it and neither does my PC, however, I do have an older Sony phone that _does _have Ant+ and which I could easily use instead.

tl;dr - is ant+ required for resistance feedback, or can it work over bt?


(Tom Jeffs) #38

Just to update, I connected my old Xperia Z2 to the trainer using the Myetraining app.  I turned bluetooth off, installed a couple of Ant+ drivers from the play store, and the app recognises my trainer over Ant+.  It shows speed, power, cadence.  And if I use the slider on the app, I can change the difficulty from 1-16.  So resistance works perfectly between the two.  And if I change the configuation from ant+ to bluetooth, in the Myetraining app, it works perfectly there, too.

So I went back to the Pixel and tried to change the resistance on that, in the Myetraining app.  It works perfectly there (the Pixel doesn’t have ant+).

So given the trainer is working fine, and the phone is able to control the trainer over bluetooth just fine, it’s the link between the phone and Zwift that seems to be troublesome.

I have a bluetooth dongle on the pc, I wonder, is it possible to skip the phone side of things entirely, and control the trainer directly from my windows pc?


(. Taylor Zwift) #39

This is all great but how do I stop receiving notifications about new comments on a post?


(Mikkel Carlsen (Lamont)) #40

@ Tom, when I set my Direto up to work with Zwift via PC (in November 2017), I remember reading that with PC you would have to use a ANT+ dongle, it wouldn’t work with a bluetooth dongle or it would at least be very unstable, I don’t remember where I read it.