No points/results awarded hill climbing challenge?

First time I post, so forgive me if this not the correct forum to post. I raced over 3 days ago the Zwift Hill Climbing week 2 challenge and till now no results/points are awarded. See zid=3705889 (can’t post links)

(1) what could be causing this? There was a 37kg rider at 7.7 w/kg but he seems legit.
(2) what is the right forum/email/link to address these issues
(3) how to correct this one…

Thanks Jack

I think you need a minimum of 5 riders in a category to get Zwiftpower ranking points.

The results are done, “time” coloumn shows your climb time, “Sprints & KOMs” tab towards the top will show you extra detail for climb effort.

ZwiftPower - Login shows the cummulative time GC from your best result each week (currently on last day of week 2 at time of posting).

did you wear a heart monitor?
nevermind, I see it. Your result is showing.

Yes I had a HR monitor and I did 217 races before. All my previous rides have no problem. It seems specifically to this one. No other riders were allocated points either. Ps. I received points for week 1…

This was my best result for week 2. 3:27 which is reasonable good hence awaiting eagerly :rofl:

Your 3min27 was from pen A so it goes in the pen A league GC. :wink:

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Thanks Steve :smiley: I am not really looking at the Zwift Hill Climb Racing results, because indeed that will count towards the A league whereas my race before was in B (and I am a B). What I am wondering, is why no results points were assigned to ANY rider in this ride. The result point (and gain) that are used for your overall race ranking on ZwiftPower.

So how to get in touch with the right people that can change this as if NOONE gets results assigned, there is probably a bug, algorithm issue or the ride is flagged/blocked for other reasons.

The 37kg guy doing 7.7w/kg seems legit :muscle:

BTW interestingly in previous hill climbs the pens were separated. When I started this race A, B, C and D were all in the same pen… which is somewhat odd too.

Ok Steve, while it is not explicitly mentioned, you may be right on the result assignment needing a minimum of 5 finishers in a category as:

The formula for Race Quality is:

Race Quality = (Average of the best 5 riders finishing in the top 10 places) x (0.9)

Hmmm… need some double verify this.

Ok looking at my past races and all the categories:

At least 5 people need to finish in a category for result point to be assigned. This can include people that are later filtered out (eg no HR)

Thanks for helping me to figure this out.