No nuts, bolts washers

Hi all, just received my zwift hub today and as i got to setting it all up there was no nuts,bolts or washers in the box anywhere, i watched unboxing videos to see and it seems i just never got them, if anyone can share the sizes of (nuts,bolys/washers) i would need to purchase tomorrow to set it up it would help a lot, thanks

Hi @Patrick_Kiersey

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Iā€™m sorry to hear that this happened! Certainly not was supposed to happen. We will be reaching out to you by email concerning this issue. Be on the lookout for an email from us!

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The same thing has happened to me. Recieved my hub today but no washers nuts or bolts, how did you end up resolving this?

Contact Zwift support directly and they will sort it out.

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Contact zwift, got them sent out straight away.

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