No more climbs

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

New map: great
Flat course: great
And then there it is, a way to long 8% climb that ruins it :frowning:
Well going street up and down have already ruind it, the climb just naild it :frowning:

I know that Climbers shoute the most and loudest but we are many that realy would like to se many many km of road like Watopia Vulcano flat that goes in nature, maby passing through some small villages…

Zwift satrting to get so boring that even I have started doing irl-rides, THAT is a low mark for Zwift if any :wink:

(Nigel Doyle) #2

I think the new course is boring. Visually it looks great but riding it is pretty boring. Let’s hope the upcoming Central Park world has some undulating terrain.

(Steve Ellis) #3

Innsbruck could add more roads. Here’s a real life valley road loop of 15 miles. It has some sharp inclines but they are short.

(Jon Odwazny) #4

Mikael, some people feel that flat is boring.  Too much of the same thing.  Pro Cycling Manager has events where a certain undulating section is repeated a few times and the game is so exciting, it is hard to tell.  Zwift is like that, too.  It’s about people.  There is so much going on with your own performance and in the pack that the scenery just passes by.  A lot of the fun is in your mind when you participate.  And not for nothing, but for every flatlander like you, there is a climber like me.  I could go through the mountains all day long.  Have faith in Zwift: they took a 30 year-old idea in Compu-Trainer that nobody could do much with and have created all of this in just a short while.  It is only going to get better, Mikael!  Better for all of us.  Ya gotta believe!


(Andre Hufschmid) #5

Dude, what’s your problem. I can say the same thing, no more flats i want hills and mountains. Every Course features flat roads and tons of it. Lets take Richmond, it doesn’t have a climb at all. London, is mostly flat. Statement like yours are totally selfish. There are tons of people on Zwift that love climbs and hate flat boring roads. Its a training environment and not Mikaels place…

(Mikael Jonsson) #6

Jon: Sitting on a trainer looking at a avatar standing still (almoast) going up and then sitt still al the way down is not so fun, I have Tacx Neo and relistic setting (difficulty setting) @ 100% this meen I get a realistic feeling and that comes with a big setback, going down I dont have gears enough if don’t mind having a silly high cadenc.

As now we have two cources in london and two on watopia for us “flat-landers” and the bigger part in booth worlds is the same roads. No I don’t count thouse silly 5k loop in vulcano, richmond and london.

Courses going over climbs, there we have 13 on the dozen.

Take Djungle route, if not choosen as start you have to climb to get there, and then the loop is 4k down ish and 4k up ish, pretty unimaginative…

So yes I much hope that Zwift give us non-climbers more roads to ride to, best would be to add two or better three flat 10k loops connected to watopia vulcano flat, that would be Eldorado.

In short Zwift have enough of hills and mountain for now, add more no problems but give us some more flat roads first :slight_smile:

Andre Hufschmid: Because you’re obviously a minor, I can not answer you, I would have to turn to your parents who are unlikely to have any clue about what you write… :’-(

(Paul Allen) #7


I knew you would post complaining there are too much flats and not enough climbs. To be honest there are very view flat routes and the longest one can be done in 40 minutes or less. The vocal minority climbers got what they wanted so why not give the people who want long flat routes what they want. The new course is more boring than the Richmond course in terms of the flat routes, hope it’s not on the schedule too much or I’ll have to use the world hack for the first time.

I have yet to see you make a post on these forums that is positive or in anyway helpful to other Zwifters. Constructive criticism is one thing, but you never post anything even close to that.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #8

Its the World Championship course. It is what it is. 

(Mikael Jonsson) #9

Yes Malcome it is…
And most riders on Zwift ain’t pro, and most of them I guess don’t feel the need to suffer up a pro course…

That’s why Zwift should focus on us ordinary cyklist that don’t have the need to be cool and say that no climb is long enough.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #10

I don’t get your point.

Many of us would love to ride the WC course. I went to the WC in Richmond. Its great to ride the laps and do that imaginary ride. You can never do it safely on your bike cos its through traffic.

Innsbruck is the same. Its the WC course.

As for you and the non climbers. I am 210 + in weight. I am a sprinter. If you live in Rotterdam you may not have to climb. I’m in a climby area so need to practice climbing, and not cry about it. All a climb is watts over time. More watts over a longer time. And you can climb off in your basement and still be in time for dinner.

Since Richmond there has been many updates giving flat options that meet your needs. You don’t have to go up governors or the cobbled climb or the sharp hill.

Not sure about you comment about no need to suffer. I guess what you’re looking for is a beach cruiser option by the ferris wheel and merry go rounds and a board walk. A New Jersey course. 

Make a suggestion. Maybe there are others out there like you. I find that if I want to climb, I can, and if I want to stay flat I can. 

(Andre Hufschmid) #11

@Mikael: I am sure i am older than you and as a matter of fact you’re the whiner. So i wouldn’t be discussing age here…Tears tears tears because you can’t pedal up a little hill.

If you wanna ride a flat course. Get on your stationary bike and stare at the wall. There you go. All set. Have a nice day.


(Mike Day) #12

Central Park will be out soon Mikael, that should cheer you up.

(Steve Ellis) #13

Some insight on the Worlds Courses from someone who knows – the designer:

“There is some very hard racing coming up, it will be very interesting!” says Thomas Rohregger, a Tirol native and former professional cyclist who raced for Team Milram and Leopard Trek. He should know: having already designed routes for the Tour of the Alps and the Tour of Austria, Rohregger also took charge of the Worlds’ parcours.

“You come to Tirol and you see mountains, so we need to go up them!’ he says. “Our approach to the road races was to have a really selective route, and the TTT and the ITT are also tough.”

The goal for the road races, Rohregger explains, was to create a course for Grand Tour GC contenders."

(Mikael Jonsson) #14

Malcome, I don’t say that climbers shouldn’t get to climb, I say that there is amost only routes with climbes i Zwift now and that we that like flater roads should have some to choose from to. UYou have your’s on the dry so #RideOn, we other don’t… :frowning:

Andre: To be clear then, I refere to your mental age, a spoild childe with no way to see that other people dont like all what you like and that should be ok.

You can even stay happy over that we are many that arn’t due to lack of flat(er) roads so win win for all if you stay away from community pages and just go to mom’s garage and ride your e-bike up all Zwift climbes and just be quiet and happy.

(Mikael Jonsson) #15

Mike, Central Park… I have no clue how that might look but would be pretty flat irl, or?
If it’s a flater course that goes in the park and not up and down street it would make many Zwifters happy :slight_smile:
Size of park? how long route is likely to get, I have killed my fb-account and only downside of that is lack of info about things like this new world you talk about :slight_smile:

#RideOn :smiley:

(Jon Odwazny) #16

Central Park is not a flat course.  It’s all rollers.  There is one section that is flat and is just over half a km long.  That’s usually where the start/finish line is.  The streets are flat, the park is rolling.  

(Mikael Jonsson) #17

Thx Jon.
With flat I don’t meen totaly flat, i think Watopia flat, Watopia vulcano flat… so rollers sounds nice :slight_smile:

How big is Central Park? is it possible with a +10km route without have to go out and do street up and down with houses on both sides??

(Stephen Hinde (BC)) #18

There is another thread on flat routes that has a great suggestion–allow the user to choose the course of the day.  Yes, there are hacks for phone/pad/computer users, but there is no choice in Apple TV.   Every rider is different, just as every road is different.  Having flat or hilly courses does not exclude anyone from choosing the route of their choice.  I like a hilly route on hard training days, but I do enjoy a flat route on my recovery days.  But…Zwift does not allow ME to choose the course.  So I agree with the original poster–provide a ‘warm-up’ flat loop in Innsbruck, or provide a way to choose the course.

(Tim Dixon) #19

Mikael,really c’mon,give it a rest. Aside from the Alpe and radio tower on Watopia and the Innsbruck climb there’s a plethora of flat riding to consume.
In addition,as has been suggested previously if you’re really that perturbed turn your trainer difficulty to 0% and hey presto…no more climbs!! Easier still,Craigslist your smart trainer and go dumb.

(Mikael Jonsson) #20

Tim, realy…
Another climber with no understanding… You didn’t even bother to understand what you read above, if you Even did…

Read up on difficulty setting, yeah you don’t read and understand… Then I tell you the avatar won’t go faster at 0%.