No miles showing after 50 minute ride

Per the screenshot, I did a 50 minute ride earlier today and while the time shows up, there are no other values. This ride was started when I had a 25km trial, but immediately after the ride (before savings), I did register with a credit card for a ‘real’ membership. Frustrating that the time shows up, but not the mileage or power output. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @Yom_76 welcome to the Zwift forum.

I took the liberty of looking at this session on our server logs. What I noticed is that you have two trainers - a Tacx and Minoura connected to the game. The Tacx was connected as cadence, power and “control trainer” devices, but your Minoura was connected as the “trainer.” This is why the ride time registered, but the power and distance did not.

Regretfully, in this circumstance, there’s no way to credit you for the miles because that data didn’t reach our server.

In households with more than one smart trainer, more than one bike with a power meter, and more than one person using Zwift, it’s super important during game startup to connect the right things to the Zwift app. If it’s possible to power off the trainers / sensors not in use? That would be best.

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Wow, I had not even considered that. I will make sure that trainer is removed/turned off/deleted. Thanks for your help.