No Maillot Jaune on group ride

Was looking forward to wearing the Maillot Jaune as promised in the Canyon SRAM group ride today, but everyone was assigned the Zwift basic kit instead. Very disappointed and was wondering if others had the same experience. I use an Apple TV (HD version) and was connected through the companion app. Everything else about the ride seemed normal, but no yellow jersey.

Hi @Bo_Tanker

Can you check if you are on the latest version of Zwift.

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Running version 1.17.0 (80953) on Apple TV.

Latest is 1.17.2

Thanks for the info, but my device is the HD (4th generation). I don’t know much about the inner workings, but I think it is A8 based. Also, I have not been offered an update since the last big one.

All devices run on the same version.

Go to the apple store and force an update.

ATV sometimes forget to update.


Thanks Gerrie,

Forced update + turning the appletv off/on again did the trick. I appreciate you taking the time to help.