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Often I cannot log in. My Internet connection is fine and other things open but nothing happens with Zwift. I can check upload and download speed but it records 0 mbps when I try to open Zwift. I’ve had zwift for a year and this has happened maybe 10 times which means that the cost per ride goes up a lot. Really frustrating and a total waste of time. I’d rather not look for an alternative to Zwift but might have to. Is there an issue with the launcher as this is the only time I have an issue?

Are you getting this same error that Dave reported recently? Another report was also just posted by Daren in the same thread.

Not quite. No script error. It just says ‘no Internet connection’ or occasionally ‘no rides available’. FYI, I’m using Windows 10 and I tried deleting and reinstalling Zwift.

Thanks for you help, though, Mike

This sounds like an issue with your internet connection, either a routing issue or a port issue.

Hi Paul. That’s what I thought but I have no issues with any other apps.

That doesn’t matter, there could still be port issues or routing issues at your ISP.

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Can’t find it now but this has definitely been raised on here before, where someone said Zwift took out their entire internet when running. Here’s an example (it was a much longer thread than this): Zwift take out my internet

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