No log-in possible on IOS device after creating an account on Chromebook


Yesterday i bought an Elite Direto with a 1 month free subscription. I made an account for Zwift on a Chromebook and got the free month on my account.

Then i discoverd that a Chromebook does not work with Zwift.

I downloaded Zwift on a IOS device (Ipad & Iphone) both with IOS 14.8. But i can not log in on the IOS devices. First impression was that perhaps i made a mistake. So i tried to make an account on the Ipad, but is gives an error on the emailadress (it’s already registrered). Also on a Iphone it does not work.

I hope that somebody can help me out.



So you created an account but then couldn’t login with it?

Make sure you don’t use the tab key to move between fields, because that can introduce invisible characters which can mess things up.

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