No Linux support yet?

just here to show my support. i’d be very happy if i could just use linux on my zwift pc!

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I just finished a training of Zwift on a Linux host, which runs a macOs Mojave guest via KVM/Qemu with GPU passthrough of an old RX 580. I used this for setting it up: github → kholia/OSX-KVM
It works beautifully, the performance was super. I also passed through the ANT dongle, so I did not need any bluetooth.
I have 2 GPU’s in this machine so that I can passthrough 1 of them to a guest. It is possible to do a single GPU passthrough (I got it to work as well), but it is a bit more of a hassle.

  • 1 for Linux
    ( I said it in 2020, but after 2 years, I think I’m entitled to another vote)

+1 for linux.

Can’t run it via VM, cant run it natively, meaning I have to choose between Zwift and my desktop OS of choice. Zwift loses. I’ll sign back up when Linux is supported.

Lutris workaround is too unreliable.

+1 for Linux. Keeping an eye on this for years. Any progress?

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I don’t think there has ever been any sign from Zwift that it will happen. Your expectation should probably be “never”.


I agree. I solved my problem using WMVare Workstation that alows more graphic card ram. I’m looking for solution using another GPU that I would install into my machine just for Zwift. We will see. Anything but dual boot.

+1 for linux. Lutris isn’t reliable

+1 for linux support

+1 for linux support. Considering there’s already a macOS version, the port wouldn’t be too complicated.

Yes but the percentage of people that would use a Linux version isn’t worth the development time.


Do you have data that we don’t?
What is your estimate of the % of Linux users?

This thread started in 2008 and only has 105 votes.

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From Wikipedia

For desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft’s Windows is the most used at 69%, followed by Apple’s macOS at 17%, and Google’s [ChromeOS] at 3.2% (in the US up to 8.0%), and desktop Linux at 2.9%.

So yes there you have it. 2.9%

Factor in iOS & Android and that 2.9% shrinks even further.

I suspect there’d be more demand to run it on games consoles than Linux if the option was there.

So I’m afraid you’ve no hope of seeing a dedicated Linux version.

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Well that’s not a very accurate way of seeing how many people would run Zwift natively in Linux.

Then again, being both Linux and macOS Unix based, porting it to Linux wouldn’t be too hard, nor pushing updates would be.

Even if they don’t want to port it completely, the could assist the community in having it run with Wine, by providing the Wine team with the relevant resources for the emulation.

There are tons of ways the Zwift team could help. Do they want to? No.

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You asked for data, i gave you data. It shows that Linux really is a minority operating system with only a tiny market share.

It’s not that they don’t care, more that they recognise time spent trying to service a minority of potential users is wasted and it’s more efficient to develop existing operating systems.

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Seriously, the venn diagram overlap of Linux users and Zwifters must be tiny. I mean, does this shout “ZWIFTER” to you?


You assume Zwift don’t want to make money, if there’s a easy demographic Zwift would jump on it in a heartbeat.


+1 user running Zwift in Linux here.

Maybe a good solution for the Linux users (maybe to macOS as well) is to make Zwift available on Steam, I’m not sure if it would be easier.

The number of games that are running on Linux there, has increased drastically over the last years, so I’m just guessing that it’s become easier to running something on Linux through Steam.


VMWare workstation doesn’t have gpu passthrough - you would need some kind of bare metal esxi virtualization for that.

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