No Leaderboard Showing on Zwift races

Anyone else not seeing a leaderboard on the Zwift races and group rides that should have them today?

Hi @Matt_Whittle9382, group rides will not have a leaderboard, however races should. What event did you participate in that didn’t have a leaderboard?

3:00pm (US Eastern Time) yesterday Discovery Ride of RGV route—ride was great, but at no point at the top of the riders nearby list did it ever show the current position out of X number of riders like it usually does.

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The below comment from Xavier I did a France group ride that did not show the current position like usual. I had dropout issues with that ride so I tried a Zwift Beta race in Downtown Dolphin which also did not display a current position indicator. So I actually meant there was no current position indicators on either ride.

Yes, that is what I meant. I tried a France Casse-Pattes ride with no current position indicator like it usually has. I than did a Crit Race which also did show show a current position indicator.

Yup, it happens. Zwift know it happens. One of those minor frustrations but probably not at the top of the Zwift fix-it list.