No gears displayed [Wattbike] [1.34] [SOLVED]

Same problem for me after last update, also using wattbike and apple TV set up

And me too. Was completely fine until I did the update yesterday. The gears work but theres no indicator on the screen anymore. Not catastrophic but definitely annoying esp if you race and want a good start from the pens.

Thanks for looking into it

Yes same here, all fine until the last update.

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Currently in the mvp group ride, no wattbike atom gear display showing…

Since the update the gear display in the top
left corner of the screen for my Atom Wattbike has disappeared. Anyone else’s having this issue?

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Hi @John_Parker1 @Sandra_Appleton @kevin_Morris @1.B_Nomikos_EVO @Debbie_Thomas_PACK @Tony_Thomas @Simon_Stromberg_SNOW @Jochen_Tree

Thanks all for reporting that the gear indicator’s gone missing from the to right hand corner. We have been investigating, and have replicated this issue.

Is everyone experiencing what Sandra described? That the shifting and resistance changes work as expected, just the display in the upper right is missing? That is what we found in our triage.


Yeah gears worked just not displayed (top left on IPad)

Yes, resistance still changes but no visual display. It doesn’t matter for social rides, but I think it’s important for racing to know you are in correct gear at certain times!

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Yes same issue here. Resistance is still there but no gear display

while you’re fixing it - any chance of getting the SB20 gear info working too?

Yes this is exactly the issue I am experiencing.

What you have to do is (zwift team) do gear display for the Stages SB20 which many users have asked for and has fallen on deaf ears.

Yes this is the issue. resistance and gear change work but you can no longer see what gear you are in. This is a really useful feature. When will it be restored?

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Yep same here mate

yup. That is the issue. Gears work ok but do not appear in the top left hand box. I am using the original wattbike atom and a Mac M1.
Thanks and looking forward this being resolved.

Yes the gears work but not displayed top left under wattage where they used to be. I am using next generation Wattbike Atom.

At the risk of derailing this Wattbike thread - the Stages issue sounds the same, but we found it has different root causes when we investigated. The Stages data transmitted over Bluetooth communicates the commands to change resistance when you shift, but the packets that communicate which gear you’re in appears reserved for the Stages app.

Have any of you tried the SB20 with other apps, does the gear shift indicator work in them?


Thanks everyone for detailing the symptoms more clearly, and confirming our findings. We’re working on this and I’ll update this thread when progress has been made. We appreciate your patience!


FulGaz works with gearing display from the SB20

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