No female avatar hair options in new Zwift update

(Sarah Barber ZHR (H)) #1

I updated the iOS app yesterday and while working my way through the new avatar customization settings today (very nice improvement !) I found that the female hair choices are not showing, and it appears as though we only get male options. Thankfully no facial hair settings are available =)

(Zee Kryder) #2

I lost my pony-tail

And just when I thought I would get a Trottie.

(Jen Williams) #3

Vote 1 Ponytail!

Please bring it back. And also make my shoulders less like a wrestler. It’s a very bad look. I can no longer tell who is male or female.

(D Bongiorno) #4

Same here, messed with the options and lost my pony tail!  Grrrr!

(Kristy Glover) #5

Same here, the options are the same as the men’s hair styles only. I did notice the females have more sunglass and sox choices tho

(Margaret Oliver) #6

I need my ponytail back! Riding without it is completely different. Guys don’t know when they’ve been chicked now. How am I to destroy the male ego without my ponytail??

(Zee Kryder) #7

Well said. 

(Margaret Oliver) #8

Thanks for the email about working on bringing back the ponytail. If the “long technical reason behind the changes” makes it too difficult to have ponytail options, maybe you could

  • put a button on the mobile app (e.g. replace “I’m toast”) that means “you’ve been chicked!” and makes little peeping sounds
  • Let us throw glitter on cyclists we pass
  • replace “close the gap” message with “You just got passed by a girl!”

kidding. (or am I?)

Thanks for listening to us!


(Juan Ascoli) #9

Please bring back the ponytail!  My wife is missing hers!

(Barb Barb YYC ❤️) #10

Please bring back the ponytail- My Avatar looks like a man? What’s up with that???

(Silvana Rimoli) #11

I was very disappointed to see my ponytail gone. Please, bring it back!

(Joanne Kurys) #12

Yes, what’s up with that?  Now I look like a young boy!

(Lena Erlandsson) #13

I,am a new member. Where is all the womens hairstyles!!!?



(Lena Erlandsson) #14

I,am a new member. Where is all the womens hairstyles!!!?

(Karen Holtmann (OTF)) #15

Why are there no women hair options? I have a man-bun!


(Julia Duggan) #16

Still no women’s hair options?!?

(Lindsay Dunton) #17

WTF!  Why no female hair options! Come one Zwift, it’s 2017 - almost 2018!  What gives?

(Sally Cinnamon) #18

Hi I’ve noticed my avatar has lost his beard and sunglasses and you can’t put them back on even though there available?

(Jenna Pitcher) #19

Appreciating my helmet more than usual!

(Naomi WhitfeldⓋ) #20

I have been with Zwift since the beta stage, and always loved that it celebrated women and men in cycling through visibly different avatars. I have lost all my joy and enthusiasm on Zwift now that we all look like men. Gone are the “Ride Ons” being shared amongst women, and the feeling of seeing “yourself” riding. Now we all look like men with short hair. Have you not noticed that almost ALL elite female cyclists have a ponytail? I just want restored what I signed up for… An avatar with a ponytail. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS… We are all asking f the ponytail to be brought back. Women want to look like women, not have an assortment of 10 short styles to choose from that don’t differentiate us from all the male riders on Zwift. We had ponytails for years, we want them back now!!