No credit for watopia race tour de zwift

I completed the third part of tour de zwift (watopia), but zwift didn’t save it. My results do appear at zwift power. What did I do wrong?

Did you save and exit after the race or stay in Watopia and do a workout or other event before or after? I’ve seen this cause issues in the past.

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I stayed in Watopia, but so did I in the other 3 races, and they did count as a race…

Hi @Merel_A Welcome to Zwift forums.
I see on our server logs that you did complete the Stage 3 race, and credited you accordingly.

For the future: it’s good practice to save & exit soon after you see the event / route completion banner. Changing worlds, or staying in that world and continuing can put you on a new and different route, and start you down the road of completing this next thing.


@shooj I appear to have a similar issue with the NYC race for stage 5. Please could you see if you could credit it on my account so to speak? The ZP link is here for the event I am talking about (30/01 at 11:11am in the UK).

Hi @shooj
I am missing the stage 1 against my profile too, I also carried on riding after the TdZ ride finished. I did the group ride on the 14th Jan and even got the ride complete email. Could you update please? I could link to zwift power if required.

@Martin_Stanley done!

Thank you! :+1:

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Is it maybe possible to fix this problem with a next upgrade?

It’s a question we’re looking to solve.

We’re finding in many cases that you’ll complete the event / race, then continue on to cool down. That’s perfectly reasonable.

If that cooldown takes you far enough along another “known” route, the session switches focus to the next route. This is because game can’t distinguish between your intention to cool down for a few minutes vs if you’re extending the session by a lot longer.

The most assured way to get credit for the event / race is to save & exit once you see the route completed banner, then start the next route. We’re working on ways to improve this, but that’s the workaround for now.

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i guess many riders in China are experiencing this issue more often than others 'cause connecting to the server is way harder in china than in any other places. Often times, it takes longer to exit the event and upload the results. It took me yesterday 20 min to upload my stage 4 results (the uploading page stayed there for 20min), and then i found myself not listed in the ride results ranking in companion, even tho i got this stage completion email from Zwift. Is there a way Zwift team can manually give me the credit for stage 4 so far or i’ll have to re-do it to get the credit?

Hello @Connie_Tuanzi_Beijin welcome to Zwift forums!
Sorry to hear this is normal for our members in China. This is news to me.

For your situation, I am seeing you rode 27.4 km yesterday, and that was credited as the Tour de Zwift Stage 4 long distance ride.

What are you seeing when you log in to the Zwift game app’s (not Zwift Companion)? There’s a list of TDZ stages and a thumbs up icon for stages you complete on the game app home page (the one where you select a world to ride)? Can you attach a screencap?

Thanks Shuji for the timely feedbacks. I just checked zwift app, there’s no “thumb-up” for stage 4, pls refer to the attachment. Also, we are experiencing "on and off” connection especially when hundreds of riders are in the same event (other riders on the map appear from time to time). [Uploading: tdz_credit.png…]
Zwift is popular among core riders in China, per my observation, 70% riders are experiencing the server connection issues (error logging in, longer time to enter an event/exit an event, upload results, riders appear from time to time)

That’s very odd, because on my end Stage 4 is showing as completed. In any event, I manually re-credited.

Ride On!

Yes, Shuji!!! There’s a “thumb-up” on stage 4 now!!! Your prompt feedbacks are highly appreciated! I’ll share my experience with zwift team to more riders in China. You guys do respond and respect our efforts on zwift. This is definitely exciting and encouraging to members in China. #Rideon

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bummer, i made this mistake today. I rode in the 7 days of tarmac today and then stayed in Innsbruck for a lap in the city as a cool down. :grimacing: I then attempted to purchase the new Tarmac bike and the app crashed. After a bit of time, I restarted zwift and saved the ride. The ride shows up in the companion app and synced with Zwift. however, I don’t believe all of the data synced. The companion app didn’t show the KOM or new jersey. The file also didn’t “count” as an event and thus didn’t sync to Zwift Power.
@shooj Is there anything I can do to fix this?