No credit for two routes

I have not received credit for two route so far. Each was during a meet-ups, I completed Out And Back Again and Tempus Fugit.

Is there a way to get credit for these?

Also, any clue what happened? Is it a bug? I’ve done several other meet ups and have had no issues.


Your profile is set to private, so we can’t see your activities to try to determine what may have happened. My guess, though, is that you didn’t go quite far enough to reach the ‘finish’ banner/arch for the route.

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Nigel, I just set it to public.

I did ride a bit after ending each of the routes, so I don’t think it was me falling short of the end.

Looking at your activity it looks like you stopped just short on Tempus Fugit. Your activity is 19.6km and the route with lead-in is 19.7km. It ends after you go under the stone arch (end of the sprint) for the 3rd time.

Your December 12 Out and Back again activity against stopped short. It ends at the stone arch (same as Tempus Fugit) and is 42.2 km long with lead-in

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