No credit for Tour of Watopia Stage One

I completed Stage One this morning, and it shows on my Activities page as ‘finished event,’ but I don’t see the stage marked complete when I start Zwift or on

You did better than I. I delayed starting Zwift until just before 8:00. I had previously signed up, and then chose the 8:00 ride about 20 minutes to 8:00. I started the app about 5 to eight, by the time I worked through the screens it was 2-3 minutes after 8:00 and while it took me to watopia at night all I saw was a bright beam of light and lighted buildings in the background along with a message saying I was waiting to join other riders. I pedaled for 15 minutes but never got anywhere and finally quit and resarted and did a regular Watopia ride. Don’t know why it wouldn’t let me ride.

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I would suggest to try to avoid cutting it that close. My philosophy is to be on the bike riding Zwift at least 10min before the start of the event.

Same here :slightly_frowning_face:

Same for me, I completed Stage One of Tour de Watopia and Zwift Companion says that I finished in 59th place, it has synced with Strava as Stage One completed. However
says that I have not completed a Stage…what is going on or am I just being impatient?

I think I can top you all. I was warming up in London and joined with 4 minute cushion. I pedaled at the start for 70 (seventy) minutes while watching the phrase “Finding riders”. At 70 minutes I started but had to stop because I had an appointment and could not finish the ride in time. Frustrated. Will this occur for all the stages?

Maybe we are just being impatient. Has anyone received credit for Stage One?

It’s same for me. :frowning:

Same here. Did not receive credit for stage one…

Hi everyone! We are aware and actively working on a fix. See this topic:


I had something similar happen. I signed up before and it wouldn’t prompt me to join the event. I ended up restarting but didn’t get added to the stage until ~ 1mile after they started. No credit of course. :unamused:

And it has happened again. :frowning: I completed Tour of Watopia: Stage 2 today, but I don’t see that the stage is marked as completed.