No Crash on Exit Today

Already reported some G.Master flakiness but I didn’t see any crash on exit today. I logged in and out several times.

Yeah it’s strange, I’ve looked through that exit code and don’t really see anything that could crash (and I’ve tried to repro it a couple of dozen times). Thanks for the update on this.

The Game Master is coming and going throughout the day, so thats what you’re seeing. It’ll get closer to 99.9% uptime as the beta progresses. Thanks for submitting the ticket earlier, I’d actually not noticed it was down until you pinged us!

I crashed on exit today. Not sure I even pressed “save” yet as I was checking the sensors due to using the wrong power meter (SRM instead of Kickr). I think I was back out at the summary screen when it crashed but not positive.

Mine crashes every time I hit Save or Decline ride