No connection to Kickr

Hello I am beginning the trial version and I can get no connection to my Kickr V1.

I am using a PC and Windows 7.

The Ant+ Signal must be Ok because the trainer connects to to PerfPro via Ant+ no problem. The cadence sensor is recognized well though.

Is there anything I can do?



Is your ANT+ dongle within the Kickr’s broadcast range Nico?

Yes I think so, otherwise PerfPro should get no signal too

Within 4 feet?  I used a usb extension cable to get my sensor underneath my Kickr.  It helps.  No drops.  Also, make sure you select Ant+ FE-C version.

Make sure your Kickr has the latest and greatest firmware.

What Chris said (+1). In the pairing screen in Zwift, do you see an animated Ant+ icon?

Ok sorted it out. Thank you for all the input.

It seems that the Kickr V1 with its original firmware is not recognized anymore. After upgrading the firmware to the latest version, which added FE-C compatibility, it worked finally.