No connection in start area for event (Tour de Zwift)

I am using Windows 10 PC, checked and up to date.
Samsung Note 9 for Blue Tooth bridge
Wahoo Kickr bike

This set up works great for free rides and joining events late. If I join an event (in this case Tour de Zwift) before the start time, I am taken to the start area, where I loose blue tooth connection. If I go to the pairing screen, it pairs immediately and looses blue tooth connection as soon as I got back to the start area.

It will connect to ant+ and keep the connection but then I loose some of the features that require blue tooth. This first happened with stage 1 of Tour de Zwift, so maybe with the last update?

Blue tooth connection is rock solid all other times

What features ‘require’ Bluetooth?


Ah! Good to know. Thanks!

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not that you can use steering in TdZ, pretty sure it is disabled anyway…

@Mike_Rowe1 : Interesting. I wonder if the OP has a Sterzo (or other steering device) connected, but when joining a non-steering event it just ends up crippling everything, instead of just disabling the steering.

@Bolo_Grubb : Any chance you could join an event that has steering enabled and see if you have the same issue?

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Kickr bike has the buttons on the handle bar for steering and no front wheel so you can’t use a separate device like the sterzo.

:man_facepalming: I only read the OP as ‘Wahoo Kickr’. Missed the ‘bike’ part. Maybe still the same, though? Can steering on the bike be disabled? Maybe the ‘solution’ is to turn off the steering before joining the TdZ events.

steering is automatically turned off for events that do not support it. A message comes up and states that steering is turned off and verified turned off by the steering icon being greyed out.

another feature that I thought was blue tooth required but I might be mistaken is the elevation change ability of the wahoo kickr bike.

I do not have any other steering devices

I will look for an event that has steering enabled and see what happens. It may take a few days due to my schedule at the moment.

Edit: sorry for the deleted post this forum software is different from any other I have used and I don’t seem to know how to reply with quote

I am doing this on a PC, and I get the quote by just highlighting the text from the OP. When I do that a box pops up that says ‘Quote’ and I just click that and its starts a reply post with the OP text inserted.

ah thank you

ok it does seem to work if I turn off steering myself instead of letting the game do it. If I let the game do it, it seems to turn off all blue tooth connections not just the steering