No climb resistance through companion

Following the latest Zwift update, I no longer get climb resistance when my Wattbike atom is paired through companion app.

I run Apple TV and if I pair my Atom and HR strap directly then no bother. If I pair through companion app which I need to, to also use Zwift play, I no longer get climb resistance.

I didn’t have this issue last week and so I’m assuming the latest update has caused the issue.

Anyone else have the same or raised with Zwift yet?

Thanks in advance.

I also have had this as an intermittent issue. (Apple TV and android Companion app). The indicator something is amiss is when the Bluetooth icon top right in the Companion app screen shows a yellow exclamation mark. For me the loss of climb resistance happens when one of the controllers loses connection.
Resolved by force closing both apps and turning off the controllers. Turn on the controllers and open Companion app before launching Zwift on ATV. I guess a hard reset of the controllers wouldn’t go amiss (hold big Z button for at least 30 secs).
Something else to consider: - although Apple TV and my android phone are on the same network, I was having connection issues when using an ethernet cable for ATV and wi-fi for the phone. Switching ATV from ethernet cable to wi-fi has resolved the issue.

Thanks Ken. I’ll try your fixes.

Something else to watch out for…
On initial pairing, check the battery icons are not “empty” (within the steering icon).
Even though the Companion app bluetooth icon is coloured blue (with no exclamation mark) I have found there is no resistance. (Running firmware 1.1.1)
I therefore have to abort my ride; force close both apps; turn off the controllers and start again.
Resistance returns when battery icons correctly show their charge status.