No change in resistance during gradient climbs

I have a Technogym Skiilbike connected to a pc. Everything is paired ok. i don’t appear to notice any resistance changes during climbs in free ride. I’ve tried adjusting the trainer difficulty slider to max, but still very little difference. I’m able to climb the steepest gradients in the highest gear with a cadence of 70-80 albiet only travelling at say 5mph. When i reconnect to Apple tv, the resistance works fine. Only switched from Apple to PC because i like the 4k output on the pc and smoother graphics.

Hi @Kevin_Farrow

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Can you give us more detail on how you are pairing. a picture of the pairing screen will help.

I assume the trainer is still connected to another app

What is the middle picture, i assume it’s the issue. It probably try to control the trainer

Its the display on the bike. Green means its connected. it goes grey if not connected. Everything is configured the same as Apple tv. The watts etc. transmit from the bike to the pc. The bike doesnt recieve the signal to change the resistance. The pc has Bluetooth 5 the same as Apple tv.