No categories in the Kiss Community League?

Hi, I had been excited for the start of the new league for weeks, thinking it meant a more intensive involvement of Zwift in organizing races and that it would be accessible for everyone (as they always insisted there’d be a version for non-professionals).

Now it seems that all we get is a KISS-organized league, with no separate categories, even for women (!). Did something go wrong, or was this just an artificial hype consciously created by Zwift HQ? How is this different from anything that existed before? How is this supposed to be even remotely interesting for the average zwifter interested in racing? (mid-pack B rider, here)

Thanks very much,

I agree 100% with you @Jon_Izagirre.

In my mind I was hoping for something like the CRV races, that was some good competition for all levels.

People want to race, I say that by the response when the leader boards was removed from the TdZ, riders like the competition.