No blue "Join event" button visible?

(Stinoo 2 Tri) #1

After I select an event, where it displays a orange side tab saying “going”. When I enter either Watopia or London (the only two worlds I can select), I don’t get a blue left bottom side button allowing me to join or a pop up. What could be a miss?


(Stinoo 2 Tri) #2

Ok, I’ve seemed to have fixed it. Zwift seems to require a UDP-3022 outbound port. As I’m sure every sensible person does as standard, I block “unknown” UDP high ports…

(Stinoo 2 Tri) #3

Although I must say, the World has suddenly become a very bussy place. If anyone is intrested in riding allone in Zwift, blocking UDP3022 is a simple hack.