No Audio on ios

(S Schulz (Ruhrriders)) #1

anyone Else who has no Sound on the iOS App? Im using an iPad Air 2

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Have a look in the settings menu, is Games sound and 3d world enabled?

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #3

Still using the beta version or have you downloaded the final release that came out today?

(S Schulz (Ruhrriders)) #4

Its the final, Game Settings checked, sound is on max. Also rebooted the ipad. 

(S Schulz (Ruhrriders)) #5

Damm it works now. I have Turner on nd of the volume using the side buttons. That works with every App but the soft volume that you can swipe from the bottom hasn´t changed. When i Use the soft button in the ios app everything works fine. 

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #6

Good work!!! Nice to hear. #rideon

(Casey Schumm [AllStars/X]) #7

I have no sound on my iPad.  The iphone works fine.  I have checked in game volume and iPad volume. Both are up and other apps sound works fine.  Any ideas?   I have rebooted. 

(S Schulz (Ruhrriders)) #8

When ingame Try to swipe up the bottom taskbar and Check the mute Button and the Volume Buttons 

(Diana) #9

No audio no matter what I try on iPad Air 2

(Jonathan Golab) #10

S Schulz has it EXACTLY for the iPad. When in game, yes, swipe up fro the bottom screen, uncheck/click the “bell” which is the mute Botton. If mute is on, it is red. BAM! You’re rocking!

(Brian HammerNutrition) #11

No sound on my IPad air. Mute is off, sound is max on the bottom slider with the music window (there is no other volume slider I see when scrolling from the bottom Up). All game volume is maximum also.

(Jonathan Golab) #12

Brian: Like on the iPhone. If you make a quick strike from the bottom of the iPhone/ipad, you first see the “brightness” slider. That is part of TWO menus. The other, from the brightness, sweep left(or right) and you will see another menu for volume. Mine was off/low, EVEN THOUGH the mute on the iPad was off, and volume was max. Weird, but real. JJG

(Brian HammerNutrition) #13

JJG, like I said, I’ve already tried that. Everything is on and maxxxed, including the volume control from the “slide up then left” menu 

(Chris Kitchin) #14

Just started with my iPhone 7 Plus.  Was working fine and when I went on Zwift today there was no sound.  Reboot, reset, uninstall and reinstall Zwift, adjust volume in Zwift settings, volume control on both the side of the phone and swiping up and over.  No sound.  It was fine 2 days ago.  It doesn’t work through the phone speakers or the hdmi adapter.  Finally realized the little mute switch on the side of the phone, above the volume controls was switched to mute.

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(Brian HammerNutrition) #15

My issues were due to iOS beta version. The recent zwift update fixed my problems

(Colin Humphrey) #16

I was having same problem on new IPad.

silent mode was activated, swipe up and there is a bell I touched the bell and deactivated it.

works fine now.

strange as it was playing music in silent mode 

anyway happy now it works