No answer from Zwift Support

Hi - is anyone else having trouble reaching Zwift Support - I am trying to return an unused product and first emailed on the 21/11, chased several times since but just getting the standard ‘we’ll get back to you as soon as we can’ email. But no other contact.
Really frustrating.

The “problem” is that you’ve chased them up. Going against what makes logical sense, sending them more email follow-ups puts you to the back of the queue each time.

So you just need to wait, and hopefully they’ll get to your query at some point.

thanks for the reply - first contacted them on the 21st, and then only chased them on the 24th - way after their 24 hour aim.

Their system still puts you to the back of the queue each time you follow up.

Understood and thanks but really poor customer service when you cant reach them any other way.

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